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Havant received the trophy!

Posted on 12 Feb 2018 in Match Report | Comments Off on Havant received the trophy!

Havant received the trophy. Havant received the badge. Havant had a photo taken! Nash was fantastic and her goal, outstanding. Sian made an excellent guest appearance and the team worked hard for very little reward. POM over and out!   Sorry this has taken so long to post…. im sure you will all agree it […]

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Back chat and bargin!

Posted on 24 Jan 2018 in Match Report | Comments Off on Back chat and bargin!

On a miserable Saturday morning 10, yes I said 10, Waterside ladies took to the field. The changing room conversation had been about the Radio 4 programme exploring the power of cuddling and how cuddling relaxes, de-stresses, and releases endorphins to improve mood. Little did we know that this hockey match would be quite so […]

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All about the “comms”

Posted on 14 Jan 2018 in Match Report | Comments Off on All about the “comms”

Right here goes to writting an epic match report like Silky, I can safely say mine will be mint well it is after eight. The question on eveyones lips in the changing rooms was – was Trojans going to send out their first team players to play against the mighty Siders? Looking at the young […]

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Posted on 09 Jan 2018 in Match Report | Comments Off on #Sidersstrikeback

It all started on a cold morning in January, when the fifteen (yes fifteen!) staunch Siders slinked into the charming changing rooms, where their warm attires were shed and their Saturday bests were donned. After a quick “who’s got spare white kit?!”- led mostly by Tabbs and a starting line up speech, armoured with merely […]

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Frosty Frustration !

Posted on 09 Dec 2017 in Match Report | Comments Off on Frosty Frustration !

On a chilly, winters day , Waterside headed north on the M3 . One enjoyed the scenic route through Hartley Witney and considered putting Coolio on a train so that we could get a very lovely Christmas tree on the way back . Anyway , back to the hockey … we eventually found the new […]

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‘Eighted that match!

Posted on 02 Dec 2017 in Match Report | Comments Off on ‘Eighted that match!

So my come back match did not quite go as planned… However as there is still a few puffs of steam exiting my ears I think maybe we should put this match to bed (which is where Joey & Elodie are). We fought valiantly but at the end of the day we were beaten by […]

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