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Doing greatly against Yateley lately!

Posted on 04 Mar 2019 in Match Report | Comments Off on Doing greatly against Yateley lately!

Without our esteemed leader- poor Abs knocked down by Illness – I was asked to hold the fort and be Captain . I was a bit worried as our last encounter with Yateley had been a rather bad tempered affair- with me asking very politely – if the attacker would PLEASE stop pushing me as I really didn’t like it – so Gaynor did have to reel me in!  

Well,  we had discussed it at training and devised a plan – which Nat did brilliantly – so we were soon fully in command at the back and sorting out most problems! We were full of attack – with plenty of super 1-2s from the front line! Lou , Katie and Esther all came close to scoring but Becca eventually opened the scoring with a well deserved goal! Chelsey was busy throwing herself about – even more than normal and was eventually rewarded with a goal- to make a 12 goal tally –  so we went in at half time -2 up! 

We had some lovely juicy ( reduced price ) oranges from Alex -to encourage us to keep on battling!! Despite Yatley’s attacks,  we were quick to counter and they could not handle our pace – especially Jo’s runs up the wing and around the back!  Emma controlled the middle brilliantly and was always there !Becka got her second goal from a great worked short corner and she came close to her hat trick! Nice to get another clean sheet!

Final score 3-0 . Well deserved Pom:  Emma !  Another grrrreat performance , Ciders!  ( stand in Captain , over and out!! ) x