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Posted on 22 Jan 2019 in Match Report | Comments Off on ‘ANDOVER THE BALL (again), WE WANNA SCORE SOME MORE GOALS (again)!

So exactly 112 days since playing Andover before (and my previous effort at match report) – we were to play them again on their home turf. Little did I know I would be bestowed the honour of writing the match report again!

The score in September had been 4-1 to us – could we win with such a margin again? There were rumours Andover had had a 3 all draw last week with top of the table Havant 3a. Were they on form? Could we hold them off? It was an afternoon away match – the odds seemed to be stacked against us.

The Pike clan of ‘Super Supporters’ (Ellen & George – with a less enthusiastic Jeremy) decided to attend and Linda had come along to offer valued support, advice and run the side line. This was a very positive start.

We had a strong solid defence (Tina, Esther, Smiley, Curly and moi with sweepers Emma & Coolio) – no gaps in midfield (Hannah, Lou, Kit, and Becca) great presence up front (Alex, Chelcey & Abs) with lovely movement of the ball.

Everyone seemed to be keeping shape and lovely positioning out wide for some good play down the wings (Hannah, Kit and Lou). We were taking some lovely balls through Andover’s defence to give some opportunities in the oppositions D. A couple of umpiring decisions left us perplexed – Emma & Kit both sent off in separate incidents in the first half – we’re all not entirely sure why – but this did not deter us!

By the half-time whistle ‘Siders had made in-roads on Andover and Chelcey had scored 2 fabulous goals. The first had resulted from some great passing with Chelcey getting the final stick on the ball into the goal. The second one was amazing – Chelcey dodging defenders to get into the D and with the Andover goalie bearing down on her – she managed to bring the ball up into the back of the net just short of the halftime whistle. The first half ended in jubilation – but we still knew we had a lot to do. Andover were rattled and starting to get a little bit lairy.

Second half was just as amazing. Great defensively – holding the Andover forwards out, marking up well and channelling them towards the side-line and working hard to keep them out of the D. We had a strong tidy tight unit indeed! A few got into the D, but Tina was ‘hot on it’ in goal. She kept thinking she was having a funny turn. No Tina – that’s just the affects of adrenaline!

There was lovely play again both using the wings and down the centre with some lovely quick decisive passing and somewhere in there was another great Chelcey goal – a hat trick!

The final whistle blew – ensuring Tina’s clean sheet was maintained. A huge sigh of relief from Chris as we had won outright and Tina was happy! Watch out Butts Ash – Tina’s sheets won’t be clean much longer…

P.O.M. Well done Chelcey! (Hopefully got your name spelt right on this report!)

George: ‘Your team did win and I did like that Mummy! P.O.M. – ‘Mummy’
Ellen: ‘You won. It was well played!’ P.O.M. – ‘Because you were lazing about just standing there, I’d say Elodie’s mum. Also I’d say the Captain, the ginger one with Captain socks’
Jeremy: ‘I’m not bringing the kids again! Generally a solid performance, good positioning and kept great structure. You need some lanky long-legged runner on the wing so you can make a break’ …. Jo? Tab’s? Jeremy in a skirt?!!! Ellen did point out to Jeremy at this point that we had won!


Jude, Jeremy and the Pikelets over & out!